Under the buildings on the outskirts there is a huge landfill

Under the buildings on the outskirts there is a huge landfill

Between Tufello and Vigne Nuove to fight “dirty” and uncivilized people who, in total lack of respect for environmental protection and decorum, have for a long time dumped bulky waste and various materials in the square on the outskirts of municipality III.

Away with the landfill between Vigne Nuove and Tufello

A massive intervention by Ama was needed, complete with vehicles equipped with spiders, to remove the giant landfill that had arisen under the buildings in Piazzale Ennio Flaiano and Via Filoteo Alberini. Clearance which in recent months “had been filled with rubbish, rubbish and waste material”, underlines the Capitoline councilor of the Democratic Party, Riccardo Corbucci. Piles of waste that have finally been removed. “I want to thank the environmental department led by Sabrina Alfonsi and Ama for responding to the requests we received from residents”. An intervention similar to the one that took place just a few weeks ago at Nuovo Salario.

The “perennial” landfill in the Marcigliana Reserve

Not the last in an area where illegal landfills are numerous, from those on the sides of the Presidents’ viaduct to the “perennial” one on Via della Cesarina, in the heart of Marcigliana. The next “major reclamation project” announced by Municipality III will be there. Who knows if this time, after years of complaints and reports, deterrents never implemented, it will be the right time to definitively eliminate the wild and illicit spill in the middle of the Nature Reserve.

Municipality III joins Tutta mia la città

“In the meantime, see you on Saturday 2 April for the many green initiatives spread across the area for the city event” – said the president of Municipality III, Paolo Marchionne. The reference is to the initiative “Roma cura Roma – Tutta mia la città”, organized by Roma Capitale in collaboration with Ama, WWF Legambiente Lazio, Fai delegazione Roma, Retake Roma, Csv Lazio – Good Deeds Day. An event they have already attended over 80 associations, committees and volunteer groups joined.

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