The wild boars of Rome “knock” at the Rai and at the Olympic stadium

The wild boars of Rome “knock” at the Rai and at the Olympic stadium

The most famous animal on Viale Mazzini is the horse. But it is a sculpture, protected by the walls that surround the Rai buildings.

Protagonist for a day

For one day, however, the mammal on the famous Prati street that was able to attract the most attention was a wild boar. The ungulate was in fact noticed by Marco Presta, Rai author, who photographed it and posted it on his Instagram account, placing it in parallel with the equine symbol of the public radio and television service.

The sighting in Prati

“The horse may be dying – wrote Presta, who reported having seen the animal on March 30 at 6.30 am – but the wild boar is very much alive”. And now it is also famous, given that the post has been taken up and widely commented on on different social platforms. It is not the first time, however, that an ungulate has been spotted in Viale Mazzini.

From Veio to viale Mazzini

The road is in fact not very far from the Monte Mario nature reserve. Together with the Insugherata park and the Pineto park, they represent a sort of ecological corridor for the suiids arriving from the Veio park. Passing through these protected areas, the ungulates, which belong to a particularly prolific breed imported from Eastern Europe for hunting reasons, easily reach the most anthropized areas. Pushing into areas where, until a few years ago, it was unthinkable to think of sighting them. This applies to the flowerbeds of Viale Mazzini as well as to the many other streets from which the Romans continue to send their reports.

The wild boar near the Olimpico

During the same day, another report arrived as evidence of the frequent sightings of wild boars in the territory of municipality I. In this case it is a video that immortalizes a solitary specimen that, regardless of city traffic, crosses the streets surrounding the Olympic stadium, in the Largo Maresciallo Giardino area. Therefore, also in this case, a short distance from the Monte Mario nature reserve.

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