The Roma Lido stops and the return from the sea is a disaster, passengers piled up on the train and on the platforms

The Roma Lido stops and the return from the sea is a disaster, passengers piled up on the train and on the platforms

It was a disastrous return from the sea for users who had chosen the Rome Lido to take advantage of the public holiday of June 2 and enjoy a little sun on the beach of the Capiale sea. An electricity blackout, starting at 4.50pm, sent the train’s power supply into a tailspin.

Atac initially spoke of slowed circulation and severe delays. Then the notice of the interruption between Magliana and Porta San Paolo, while on the rest of the route delays continue to be recorded, as shown by the photos published on social networks by passengers. Journeys of up to 40 minutes with passengers on board the 4.50 pm train forced to get off before Sao Paulo to walk on the tracks for a while.

“After waiting for 2 hours, the only solution to go home to Rome was to push and be able to enter the train, where everyone was screaming and the screams of children could be heard being crushed by the passengers. – says Simona, a reader di RomaToday – A scene never seen before. We are in Rome, it was devastating, I thought I would pass out, there was no oxygen and we were all crushed. A situation not to be wished on anyone. There are people who work on that route. How can one live like this in the capital of Italy?”.

In a video shot with a mobile phone, you can see the crowd created on the platforms. An inconvenience increased by the fact that the replacement shuttles were completely absent, as also underlined by the Committee of Commuters: “Despite being a day of celebration and at sea, they had started with the usual 4 trains (3Caf and a MA200) without even a fifth convoy to make a few supplementary trips on a day at sea. In the late morning the MA200 had already been canceled and the service continued with only three trains and frequencies at 35 minutes. At around 5.00 pm, another train stopped in nowhere, before Garbatella, unloading all ashore on the tracks to walk back to the departure terminus.At that point Atac no longer knew how to get the bathers back from the sea and sent all the passengers (in slippers) to the stop hypothetical shuttles for Rome had to leave again, never seen though “.

Not only the Rome Lido. Yesterday, there were also problems on Metro A with the closure of Vittorio Emanuele from the start of service and for about 40 minutes. Then it was the turn of Repubblica, which due to a technical fault was unusable from 12.30pm to 1.45pm.

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