The new rehabilitation center in the Villa Certosa district

The new rehabilitation center in the Villa Certosa district

The “Nuova Sair Rehabilitation Center” in via Paciotti 21 in Rome, a center accredited by the Lazio Region for the provision of outpatient, semi-residential and home services to people with disabilities.

An early childhood center has also been established in the hub for the early treatment of autism in children aged 24 to 72 months. “With the early childhood center we will be able to provide rehabilitative responses to very young children diagnosed with autism, giving families hope that their children can reduce the impact of the disability, developing relational, cognitive and communication skills in a group context. Our center responds with qualified professional resources to the insufficiency of structures for early treatment” declared Rosario Riccioluti, president of Nuova Sair, an important third sector reality with offices throughout Italy.

Autism and neurodevelopmental disorders are the focus of the rehabilitation activities of the centre, which continues the experience of the facility in Via Dionisio, managed under accreditation for 15 years by Nuova Sair until today. “The clinic, as was already the case in the center in via Dionisio, is dedicated to rehabilitation therapies for minors with neurodevelopmental disorders – says the health director, Armando Cancelli – and in the semi-residential centre, which welcomes adults with multiple disabilities, in addition to rehabilitation and educational projects, we create job placement programs specifically dedicated to young people on the autism spectrum”.

“Another focus of the rehabilitation center is represented by the home intervention of patients with degenerative diseases: ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s etc. Finally, always on a home-based basis, the rehabilitation center also provides rehabilitation to newborns with rare diseases or disabilities due to premature births – adds Dr. Cancelli.

“Every day we will provide rehabilitation to 400 people, half of whom are under 18 years old – continues Riccioluti – For this reason, in the center which is located in a 5,000 m2 building with an equipped park, we have activated a very complex health and organizational machine. There are 200 people who work there, including: doctors, speech therapists, psychologists, educators, occupational therapists, developmental age neuro and psychomotor therapists, physiotherapists, specialized auxiliaries, nurses, social health workers, social workers and administrative staff” – he concluded Riccioluti.

“Today this beautiful structure opens which represents a sign of rebirth on a special day which coincides with the end of the emergency phase for Covid – said the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato – and the world day is also coming of autism awareness which is celebrated on April 2. As a region we wanted to dedicate the entire month ahead to initiatives for autism, in particular for the 0-6 age group. We must continue to work together, to do system to provide increasingly efficient services to people with disabilities”.

The general director of ASL Rm 2 also took part in the inauguration of the Rehabilitation Centre, Giorgio Casatithe president of Municipality V, Mauro Caliste, the regional councilor, Marta Leonori and the municipal councilor, Tiziana Biolghini.

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