the new covid rules on green passes, masks, transport and school

the new covid rules on green passes, masks, transport and school

Today, Friday April 1st, after two years, the covid state of emergency ended. The biggest news is that from today the green pass will no longer be necessary to go to the hairdresser, to the bank, to public offices. Stop the green certificate also on vehicles, in outdoor restaurants, in museums, in spa and cultural centers.

However, the basic green pass for accessing workplaces remains. All this until April 30th. From May 1st, then, other news. From the green pass to the super green pass through masks and quarantines, the Government has established a sort of calendar that removes the limitations imposed. Here are all the new rules.

Quarantines and masks

From April 1st only those infected with Covid will go into quarantine. Close contacts of a positive person will now all apply self-surveillance for 10 days, with the need to wear the Ffp2 mask indoors and to take a swab test after 5 days (or earlier if symptoms appear). The mask remains mandatory indoors until April 30th, excluding private homes, when it is not possible to maintain distancing. At work, a surgical mask will suffice.

What changes on buses, trams, planes, ships and trains

As early as April 1st the green pass will no longer be needed to travel on local public transport. However, until the end of next month it will not be possible to say goodbye to FFp2 masks for getting on buses, trams and subways. Those who travel on planes, ships, ferries, trains and long-distance buses require the basic green document (the swab test with a negative result to which they have undergone in the previous 48 hours is also valid) + ffp2 mask. Then we move towards free all. From May 1st, unless extended, the obligation to wear a protective device will also cease.

The rules for school from April 1st

As the Ministry of Education reminds us, in all institutions of the educational, scholastic and training system the obligation to use surgical masks (or those with greater protective efficacy) remains mandatory, with the exception of children up to six years of age and for subjects with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of masks.

Regarding the management of positive cases. In nursery schools and educational services for children: in the presence of at least four cases of positivity among pupils in the same class section/group, activities continue in presence and for teachers and educators, as well as for girls and children over the age of six are expected to use Ffp2 masks for ten days from the last contact with the positive person. If symptoms appear, it is mandatory to carry out an antigen test (rapid or self-administered) or a molecular test. If you are still symptomatic, the test should be repeated on the fifth day following the date of last contact. In this case the negative test result is certified with self-certification. Until June 15th the vaccination obligation remains for all school staff.

The rules for bars, restaurants and hotels

To consume indoors, at the counter or sitting at a table, from 1 April in bars and restaurants it will be sufficient to show the basic green pass (the one obtained with a swab and which lasts 48 hours). Basic green pass also necessary to access the canteens. Instead, use the Green pass, even the basic one, if you sit at the outdoor tables of bars and restaurants. From Friday the first of April, therefore, there is no obligation to present the green pass in hotels and other accommodation facilities.

What changes in offices, shops and swimming pools

Smart working can be applied until June 30 without stipulating individual agreements with workers. From 1 April you will no longer need a green pass, neither the super nor the basic one, to access banks, post offices or public offices. Same thing in shops and shopping centers, where green certification will no longer be needed. Both in shops and public offices it will be sufficient to wear a surgical mask. Until April 30th, to access swimming pools and gyms you will still need to have the Super green pass.

The over 50s and mandatory vaccination

From April 1st, those over 50 will no longer have to have the so-called strengthened green pass at work, but the basic green pass will be sufficient until April 30th, so there will no longer be suspension from work in the absence of a super green pass. However, the vaccination obligation remains until June 15th. The suspension in the absence of Covid-19 vaccination will remain only for healthcare personnel, hospital workers and RSA workers. Only for them, and therefore no longer for school, security and law enforcement workers, will there remain an extension of the vaccination obligation to December 31st. For teachers as well as police, defence, public rescue, local police and university workers, vaccination remains compulsory until 15 June 2022.

The rules for the stadium

To go to the stadium you will need the basic green pass. In sports facilities, in the case of indoor events, the Super green pass obligation remains. It is also necessary, in the latter case, to wear the Ffp2 mask. From April 1st the capacity of stadiums and sports facilities returns to 100%, both indoors and outdoors.

The rules for museums, cinemas and theaters

From Friday 1st April the rules and methods of access to places of culture and entertainment will change. In fact, with the end of the state of emergency, the Super green pass will no longer be necessary – at least until April 30th – to participate in outdoor shows. However, the rules for those indoors are different.

For access to museums, archaeological parks, exhibitions, archives, libraries and other places of culture, the Ministry of Culture informs in a note, possession of the enhanced green pass or the basic one is no longer required. The obligation to use surgical masks remains. As regards cinemas, theaters and concerts from 1 to 30 April 2022, for participation in shows taking place indoors, possession of the so-called strengthened green pass and the obligation to wear FFP2 masks are required. From 1 to 30 April 2022, for participation in outdoor shows, possession of the so-called basic green pass and the obligation to wear FFP2 masks are required.

Private parties and discos

To celebrate weddings, graduations, birthdays, communions, the rules do not change: all participants must still have the Super green pass. The Super green pass is also mandatory for going to the disco, where a surgical mask will be sufficient, to be removed while dancing. Nightclubs will return to full capacity.

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