the Lazio Region issues alert level 2

the Lazio Region issues alert level 2

The anomalous heat, already summer even though we are still in the middle of spring, alerts the institutions. With peaks of over 30 degrees expected for the next 24 hours, the epidemiology department of the Lazio Region, as part of the national operating system for forecasting and preventing the effects of heat on health, coordinated by the Ministry of Health, has issued for tomorrow, Friday 27 May, the “heat waves” bulletin, which provides for an alert level 2.

In detail, “high temperatures and meteorological conditions are expected which may have negative effects on the health of the population, in particular in elderly people, infants and children, people with chronic diseases, people with mental disorders, people with reduced mobility and/or or not self-sufficient, people who regularly take medications, people who use alcohol and drugs, people, even young people, who exercise or do intense work outdoors, people with disadvantaged socio-economic conditions” .

We remind you that there are 4 reference levels in total. Level 0 and level 1 do not involve risks. The term “heat wave”, as reported on the website of the municipality of Rome, indicates “a prolonged period of extreme weather conditions, characterized by high temperatures, above the usual values, in some cases associated with high humidity values relative, and which persist for several days”. Normally we talk about it between June and September, but this year the month of May seems to have preceded the summer.


For any request for clarification, information and/or interventions it is possible to contact the Rome Capital civil protection operations room, active 24 hours a day, on the toll-free number 800 854 854 or on 06 67109200.

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