The cycle path of via Monte Cervialto “erased” by the rain

The cycle path of via Monte Cervialto “erased” by the rain

A simple afternoon of rain was enough to cancel the newly built cycle path. Yes, because the route dedicated to two wheels on Via Monte Cervialto was completely flooded with centimeters of stagnant rainwater which covered the signs and effectively made the route unusable. To the side, the passing cars with their wheels raising real waves towards the track and pavement.

The cycle path of via Monte Cervialto “erased” by the rain

“The institutions had been warned of the danger but they still wanted to do it there”, comments Lucio, resident of the neighborhood and manager of the ‘Reporter Montesacro’ Facebook page, among the most active in denouncing the critical issues of that quadrant. Yes, because the flooding in the artery that crosses Tufello and Valmelaina is certainly nothing new: the water is unable to drain away, so motorists find themselves having to proceed at walking pace with every storm. In the past, during storms, there were scenes of the road transformed into a raging river with broken down cars and floating bins.

The disputed cycle path: “It takes away parking spaces”

Now the cycle path is disappearing “after just two drops of rain”. A highly contested idea by residents and shopkeepers in the neighborhood. Cyclists have also pointed out how the route is often interrupted by bins, bus stop poles and even street lamps. However, it is the lack of parking spaces that exasperates citizens: “Dozens and dozens of parking spaces have been canceled in an area where it was already almost impossible to park, the road system has changed, a very wide road is now reduced to a single lane ”. Municipality III, which inherited that infrastructure, promised changes which, however, have not yet arrived. Meanwhile, the newly built cycle path disappears in the rain.

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