the 677 million settlement was approved

the 677 million settlement was approved

U n budget adjustment of 677 million. It is the one approved yesterday by the Municipality of Rome for 2008. Of these, 358 million concern the current part, while 319 will concern investments. Much of this money comes from the Government which allocated 500 million euros in September. Another 8 million instead from the so-called disposals, 162 from debt collection and another 7 from the technical management of the plan.

In reference to the recent flooding and the announced investments to adapt the sewerage system, 10 million will go to interventions for the maintenance of sewers, 15 to road and drain maintenance: The 30 million allocated to extraordinary interventions also fall within this scope for cleaning the Ama and the 20 million for urban decoration interventions.

One hundred and eighty-eight million are then allocated to transport. Sixty-five will go to Atac’s extraordinary maintenance, part for the B1 line of the Bologna-Conca d’Oro metro and for the waterproofing of the A line of the metro from Termini to Flaminio).

For culture there will be 8.8 million available, part of which will have to be invested in the extraordinary maintenance of the Opera theatre.

Another 8.8 million are destined for culture, to be allocated among other things to the extraordinary maintenance of the Opera House, 5.4 to area plans, 17 million to extraordinary roads, 13.7 for sewerage interventions, 21 million for the IT equipment of the Municipality, 5.2 million for the suburbs, 6 for the parking lots and around 21 for the environment, including the reconstruction of the garden service car fleet.

Among the investments in the budget, Mayor Alemanno also announced the inclusion of the “nomad plan” item. “8 million euros have been included for the restructuring of nomad camps and the removal of illegal ones, explained the mayor. “The goal is to have nomad camps with another level of security and solidarity.”

Another important innovation introduced with the settlement plan is that the Municipality will equip itself with a centralized purchasing system. Thanks to an online portal, all departments will be able to view a catalog of goods and services on the basis of which to process requests, details on accredited suppliers and orders placed by the various offices. The Capitoline managers, thanks to the use of the digital signature, will be able to forward the request for new orders also on the basis of requests already made by other departments and offices, thus activating economies of scale with estimated savings for the Capitoline administration around 10% for the first year and up to 20% in 2011.

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