San Basilio, the sewer collector breaks. The citizens: “A lake of slime”

San Basilio, the sewer collector breaks.  The citizens: “A lake of slime”

Interventions for the construction of a system caused the breakage of a sewer pipe. The fault caused the loss of sewage which over time created a lake of sludge. The complaint from the Asia-USB union: “We have been reporting for weeks but no one is taking action.”

We are near via Gigliotti, near the so-called ‘marrana’, in San Basilio, one of the neighborhoods of the Roma IV municipality. A few months ago, construction work began on some buildings by private individuals not far from where the fault occurred. “During the works a pipe was broken and since then there has been no intervention to repair the fault” explained Massimo Cipolloni, Asia-USB trade unionist. “A lake of slime has been created and the smells it releases are nauseating, they reach the apartments in Via Gigliotti, a punch in the stomach” they added from the neighbourhood.

The residents also reported the fault to the Town Hall: “We wrote to the environment department and to the Town Hall but we didn’t get a response.” Meanwhile, in San Basilio the discomfort is strong: “We ask for the immediate restoration of the pipeline. We cannot always be considered second-class citizens, useful only for election campaign catwalks. We ask for respect” they concluded. In recent days, another request has arrived from San Basilio to the institutions: the safety of the playground in via Morrovalle. But this too has not had the desired response to date.

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