“Rome drops by 5%, Paris by 20%”

“Rome drops by 5%, Paris by 20%”

U ne week ago the bilateral tourism body of the Lazio Region announced a drop in tourists of 20% for Christmas. Estimates, which just over a week from December 25th are denied by the vice mayor and councilor delegate for Tourism, Mauro Cutrufo.

“In Rome, tourism is holding up despite the international crisis. If in Europe it is down by 14.4%, in North America by 18%, in Italy by 13.5%, in Rome it reaches 5%, against London and Paris at minus 20%. These are real numbers, not hypotheses (the reference is to the one-week Ebtl investigation, ed.). A decline linked to the international situation, but also to poor and short-term planning.”

The decline is linked to the international situation, but also to poor and short-term planning

The opportunity to announce these data is given by the presentation of the budget of six months of activity and the future plans of the department. News regarding the official tourism website of the municipality which becomes www.turismoroma.it. It will be edited by Maria Cristina Selloni and for now it will be in Italian and English. Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Chinese versions will be implemented later.

The Roma Pass kit has been enhanced and will go from 20 to 23 euros, thanks to which it will be possible to travel for three days on all public transport, visit two museums or archaeological sites and pay half the price for the others.

Cutrufo also announced that information on health care, the use of bike sharing and prepaid taxis is being studied. The creation of the Congress Office of the Municipality of Rome is also envisaged, as well as a coordination center for the various interventions at an operational level.

The intention to move all conference events between EUR and the Rome Fair has also been confirmed. Among the 2009 projects in EUR are the Rome Business District, the “Fuksas Cloud” ready by the end of 2010, the Aquarium under the pond and the renovation of the Velodrome with all the various connections. For the Rome Fair, the possibility of using it as a space for concerts is being studied.

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