Municipality III, the future of the abandoned properties will be decided together

Municipality III, the future of the abandoned properties will be decided together

Twenty-seven properties, public and private, to be saved from degradation and abandonment. The III Municipality has registered most of the structures in the area which are currently a no-man’s land, prey to neglect and vandals. A job that lasted months and which will lead, in the future, to the recovery of these properties.

The number of these areas is certainly destined to grow and for this reason the solution to the problem of abandoned buildings can no longer be postponed given that, as the years pass, the difficulties in intervening will only get worse.

Disused or underused properties, meeting with citizens to decide their future

On Thursday 26 May, at 5.30 pm in the Aula Magna of the ITC Matteucci in via delle Vigne Nuove 262, the “Method for the recognition of abandoned or underused assets” will be presented, a project carried out by the administration and in particular by the municipal councilor ‘urban planning Biancamaria Rizzo. A moment to discuss with citizens and to understand what the future of these structures will be. At the event, in addition to the mini-mayor Paolo Emilio Marchionne, the city planning councilor of Rome Capitale Mauro Veloccia will also be present.

Disused or underused properties, a database will be created

“The reconnaissance started months ago – councilor Biancamaria Rizzo explains to RomaToday – and it is a work in progress. My goal is to create a constantly updated database, i.e. a database with all the useful information, available to the technical offices. For example, for the 27 buildings identified we collected and cataloged cartographic and urban planning data and their current maintenance status. This is the first phase of our project”
The second phase will focus on participation: “A form will be sent to citizens, neighborhood committees and associations through which interested parties will be able to reason for a reuse proposal for the various assets, depending on the areas involved – explains Rizzo again – in in this way we hope to activate a form of reasoned participation”.

In the third phase we will proceed with the collection of the designs. “We don’t want to be caught unprepared when it becomes possible, for example, to obtain funding for renovations. During the third phase we will collect the projects and proposals. Also in view of the arrival of the Pnrr funds, we want the municipality to be ready to participate, as the call for tenders approaches, also thanks to the discussions we have had with the citizens”.

Former Parini school towards recovery

Results have already been obtained. Thanks to the 50 million euro plan approved by the Capitoline council it was possible to recover the building in Piazza Capri which will become a public library and a civic center. A building closed in 2008 for renovations, the Parini school never reopened its doors. Over the years it has suffered numerous occupations: from Casapound which in 2011 asked for it to be used by families in a housing emergency, to the popular demonstration in 2013 with the activists of Repubblica Romana to underline the need to return that cultural space to the neighbourhood.

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