In eastern Rome a march for autism

In eastern Rome a march for autism

From the park in via Don Primo Mazzolari to the ASD Ponte di Nona sports center to raise awareness of the autistic spectrum. This is the objective of the march organized by the ‘I colori di Matteo’ association on the occasion of 2 April, International Autism Awareness Day. Not only that: parents and children will spend Saturday morning full of fun and inclusion. “Autism Day is an important event for raising awareness and information and we are proud to be present with an initiative of great social inclusion, for which I thank all our volunteers, partners, sponsors and the Rome VI Municipality ” explained Sara Fioramanti, president of the association.

Founded 3 years ago, the ‘I colori di Matteo’ association already promoted a march for autism in East Rome in 2019. It then organized courses and meetings to create moments of aggregation and inclusion. She did it above all in the spaces of the Ponte di Nona sports center, managed by Roberto Imbimbo, including the initiative entitled ‘Let’s kick autism’. Today the social promotion association I Colori di Matteo has a triple commitment: improving awareness of autism spectrum disorders with dedicated days, implementing educational and therapeutic projects in the eastern quadrant of the capital. Finally, strengthen knowledge of families’ rights by providing free consultations to facilitate access to social security, welfare, education and health benefits recognized by law.

“My son Matteo received the diagnosis of autism at 3 years old. Today he is 18 years old and unfortunately when our children grow up the offer of services and therapies by the national healthcare system tends to decrease. This pushed me to create the association, to help and support families also through educational and therapeutic projects and push the community to interact and dialogue with autism. We always say that autism is not contagious: it is essential to improve awareness and information on this issue, as well as inserting and integrating children with an autism spectrum disorder into society” commented Fioramanti. The event is sponsored by the Roma VI delle Torri Municipality.

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