Degradation in Isola Farnese, waste in the streets and overflowing bins

Degradation in Isola Farnese, waste in the streets and overflowing bins

Rubbish on the roadside and overflowing bins. This is what Via dell’Isola Farnese looks like, near the intersection with Via Sem Benelli. A situation unfortunately common to many areas of Rome and which fuels, if ever there was any need, the encounter with wild boars, always attracted by rubbish.

The Fratelli d’Italia councilor Marco Ottaviani and Adriana Glori have written to the AMA and to the environmental councilor Marcello Ribera to ask for prompt intervention in the area and the restoration of decorum. Unfortunately, situations like this arise more and more frequently and there does not seem to be, at least to date, a definitive solution to the problem

Degradation of Farnese Island, danger due to the presence of wild boars

“There are areas of our municipality in which the situation relating to the failure to collect waste is unsustainable – Ottaviani and Glori declare in a joint note – we are thinking of Isola Farnese but also of via della Giustiniana for example. Furthermore, how can we not repeat it, episodes of degradation like this can make the wild boar emergency even more difficult to manage, a topic on which we have no indications from the Capitoline administration to give hope for a rapid resolution of the problem”.

Farnese island degradation 1-2

Farnese Island, the renovation of via Riserva Campetti begins

Still on the subject of Isola Farnese, the proposed resolution presented by the Fdi group for the road resurfacing of via Riserva Campetti, the square in front of the Isola Farnese cemetery and for the safety of the intersection between via Riserva Campetti was approved in the meantime. and via dell’Isola Farnese. The proposal calls for repairing a damaged wall located at the intersection of the two roads, renovating the square in front of the cemetery, completely redoing the asphalt of via Riserva Campetti and installing a mirror that can allow those from via Riserva Campetti to see enter via dell’Isola Farnese to have a good view of the road.

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