Coldiretti reports damage for 30 thousand hectares

Coldiretti reports damage for 30 thousand hectares

Once the great fear for the Tiber had passed, Coldiretti was the first to raise the alarm about the damage suffered by the agricultural sector of the Capital. “In the Roman countryside”, claims the farmers’ association, “30,000 hectares of cultivated land have been flooded. There are around 5,000 companies in difficulty. Many farmers have lost all their animals that grazed in the wild.”

Furthermore, Coldiretti underlines “in the Roman countryside, rural roads and the hydraulic-agricultural system are compromised as the reclamation embankments could not withstand the pressure of the water and were washed away. Difficulties have been reported for animals in the wild with problems in supplying the fodder necessary to feed the animals on the farm”.

The Lazio Region has made 20 million euros from the revolving fund available to small and medium-sized businesses that have suffered damage. And for the Roman hinterland the Province has also announced its contribution.

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