Ciro Immobile at the “Serpentone” to meet the guys from the Miracoli football club

Ciro Immobile at the “Serpentone” to meet the guys from the Miracoli football club

After the national coach Roberto Mancini, another prominent figure from the world of football showed up at number 455 via del Poggio Verde.

Ciro Immobile in Corviale

Ciro Immobile visited the “Campo dei Miracoli” on May 25th. The Serie A top scorer, as part of the Evolution Camp organized by Adidas, met the boys and girls of the Miracoli Football Club the evolution of the traditional football school: founded on the CalcioSociale ® methodology which aims to promote alongside the competitive sport an ethical and educational dimension.

“We are delighted to have had Ciro Immobile with us – declared Massimo Vallati, founder of Calciosociale – to support a new idea of ​​a football school that is capable of building players capable of not only playing technique but a very strong social conscience”

The event began at 4.30 pm and was divided into two parts: a first part in the gym for discussion between the coach and the boys and girls of Miracoli Fc, and a second part in the training field together.

The philosophy of CalcioSociale

Football becomes a tool for personal growth

Inaugurated by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the Campo dei Miracoli represents a model of social and sporting inclusion. Football, one of the most powerful social and media phenomena, becomes a tool for personal growth and integration thanks to the methodology adopted in Corviale. In this way the football school moves away from the classic patterns and objectives of training champions in sport, to embrace a philosophy that aims to make athletes, of all ages and genders, champions in life.

A positive model that impressed Ciro Immobile and which, according to the Serie A top scorer, should be carried out in all football schools.

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