Chamber of Commerce: Andrea Mondello resigns

Chamber of Commerce: Andrea Mondello resigns

D fter 15 years of presidency, Andrea Mondello has announced his resignation as president of the Rome Chamber of Commerce. He did so during yesterday’s meeting, in which it was established that the resignation will be considered by the board on December 19th.

However, the assembly unanimously asked the president “not to proceed with the formalization of his resignation, reiterating the esteem and trust in his work which has characterized the management of the chamber of commerce in the last 15 years”.

Appreciation for Mondello’s work came unanimously from the political world. Mayor Alemanno, while expressing all his regret at his resignation, asks that “the autonomy of the Chamber of Commerce be respected, it is up to the representatives of the associations alone to decide on the future of this important institution”.

The President of the Province, Zingaretti hopes that “a climate of excessive tension which is primarily harmful to our city will be overcome and that the necessary conditions for a rethink can mature, allowing Mondello to calmly reach the conclusion of his presidential mandate”.

Along the same lines as Zingaretti, also the President of the Region Piero Marrazzo who, in addition to appreciation, hopes that “if there is still a margin for the resignation to be avoided, I believe it is necessary that it be used”.

While waiting for the meeting on 19 December where, barring second thoughts, Mondello will confirm his decision, the names of possible candidates for his replacement are already circulating. Among those most accredited for the succession would be the Roman president of the Cna Lorenzo Tagliavanti, current vice president of the chamber of commerce and the president of Confcommercio Roma Cesare Pambianchi.

Mondello was the protagonist of the years of the so-called “Rome model”, when the new impetus of the Roman economy acted as the “locomotive of the country”, as the former mayor Walter Veltroni underlined several times, and as a driving force for the productive fabric of the Lazio. His role would have expired in 2010. Under Mondello’s leadership, the Chamber of Commerce has invested more than 600 million euros in interventions to support businesses, becoming a fundamental player in the largest achievements and events of recent years in the capital.

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