anti-vax and anti-Ukraine slogans

anti-vax and anti-Ukraine slogans

Vandals unleashed in Montesacro where unknown persons created anti-vax and anti-Ukraine graffiti on the external walls of a school and the neighborhood market. “No vaccination obligation”; “Ukraine = NATO = USA. Free Donbass” – we read on Viale Adriatico. Messages written with black spray can and signed with the hammer and sickle symbol.

Montesacro: anti-vax and anti-Ukraine writings

Writings that have aroused discontent and criticism with the political exponents of Italia Viva asking for their immediate removal and the restoration of decorum and decency. “In recent days, shameful writings on the war in Ukraine and the pandemic have appeared at the hands of unknown vandals on the walls of the Don Bosco school in Piazza Monte Baldo and the market in Viale Adriatico” – Valerio Casini and Francesca Leoncini, councilors wrote in a note of the Italia Viva in Campidoglio group.

Vandals deface the newly renovated market

Alongside the anti-vax and anti-war-ravaged Ukraine messages, there are also graffiti and other writings that completely disfigure the outside of the Montesacro market, which had also been completely renovated just a year ago. In recent weeks, work has also started on the external spaces of the historic building that houses the stalls: redevelopment of the car park and the play area dedicated to the little ones, the creation of a small square designed as the hub of aggregation of the neighborhood and a point of relaunch of the market.

Italia Viva: “Delete writings to restore decorum”

Now, however, those obscene writings need to be deleted. The group leader of Italia Viva in Municipio III, Marta Marziali, also asked for it loudly, with a note addressed to the Office of the Environment and Decor Unit and to the Department of the Environment of Rome Capital to ask for “an immediate cleaning intervention to restore the decorum of the areas”.

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